Custom designed holiday card projects by Albion Design, artist Maggie LaNoue...

Custom Holiday Cards for Banks and Financial Institutions

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust

Art by Maggie LaNoue

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Sometime in the earlier years of Albion Design,
Southern Michigan Bank and Trust commissioned
Maggie to create custom art featuring
all of their branches at the time.
The year was around 1987.

Read a little of the history of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust
and how well it did during the Great Depression

2006- Southern Michigan contacted Maggie again
wanting to know if she could create some
"fast art" from this photo, to make
a Christmas card for the bank to send to
its clients to show appreciation for their trust.

Maggie added a wreath, a Christmas tree,
with a star, and snow, with icicles, and shading
to create a lovely although fairly simple scene.
Maggie removed the ATM machine, and added
reflections of snowy trees in the window,
for a couple special touches to this card.

See more of Maggie's art created for banks to
showcase their history, to create custom
thank you cards, for wall decor, and for
holiday cards.

Maggie often "winterizes" or "colorizes" her older art,
so that her earlier work can be built upon.
Her work is also very well received for commemoritive
anniversary art for annual reports, invitations,
and keepsakes for posterity.
Read more about all of this on the Albion Design FAQ page.

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