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Custom Holiday Cards for Family Owned Businesses

Falco Construction Corporation

Custom Art by Maggie LaNoue

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Lynne Falco of Falco Construction Corporation
in Brooklyn New York located Albion Design from
an internet search for "custom cards for corporations"
in 1998. This card was created of the Falco headquarters
that shows the New York skyline in the background,
and Lynne's father driving the big rig.

Learn more about Falco Construction Corporation.
(Maggie also created this web site for Lynne
12 years after this first card was created.)

1999, the first cards were so well received that
another version was commissioned. In this version,
more family members were featured,
such as Lynne's mother and sister walking towards
the door carrying holiday gifts, and Lynne's kids
building a snow man. The New York skyline of the time
is prominently visible.

For the 2000 cards, the Falco family wanted
a scene to show where some of the materials
from their piledriver company were collected.
There are skaters nearby, and some of the same
family members are also in the scene.

2001 - Tragedy struck New York, and the distinctive
Falco logo now represented something that
was no longer there. The Falco family took the
opportunity to explain that what the spirit
of New York that the Falco logo represented,
could not be taken away.
The cards for this year had a more
patriotic theme, with the tree being red,
white and blue, and a flag flying on the hill,
and the people coming together to honor
those who had given their lives for others.
(click on the card to see the message more clearly.)

2002 - The 50th anniversary of Falco Construction
Company needed something special.
This art shows how Maggie's style was developing,
at the same time that there were other changes
in the world, and with the Falco business.
Still, Albion Design and Falco Construction,
both women owned businesses, continue to do
what they do best.

2010 - Several years after the last card was
created, Maggie and Lynne worked together
again on a card featuring a favorite bridge
in Central Park. The moon is still shining,
and the snow is still falling. There are skaters
nearby as the crew of Falco Construction are
again decorating a tree for the holidays.
The little yellow dog that was in every card
except for the 2001 cards, is once again
front and center, bringing some attention to
the yellow color of the Falco heavy equipment.

Maggie provided Lynne with a larger size
print of each scene after the cards were
complete, and these prints are hanging
in the Falco headquarters in Brooklyn New York.
Maggie and Lynne have never met.

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