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Dawn Food Products

Folk art holiday cards

by Maggie LaNoue

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This is the first card we created for Dawn Foods, back in 1995.
There is the original Dawn location in the background
with a delivery truck, and shoppers buying donuts.
There is an old man sitting on a bench
feeding birds crumbs of Dawn Donuts.
Two people are waiting for a bus on this windy day.

Learn more about the family business Dawn Foods.

In this holiday card developed for Dawn Foods in 1996,
we zoomed in on the original location of Dawn,
and showed the delivery truck in greater detail.
The old man is still on the bench, but it is next to
the building now. The man and woman who
happened to be waiting for a bus together
earlier are now walking together,
and it is still a cold and windy day,
good for eating donuts.
The old man on the bench now has a red tip
to his cane, and his character represents
one of the original founders
who became blind in his later years.

In 1997, the scene turns to an early morning view,
appropriate for DAWN foods. The old man is wearing
dark glasses, and the couple is pulling a sled full
of baked goods. The original Dawn logo is
in the sky on the left. The children in the scene
who had been running are growing up
and have a little brother.
If you click on the image you can see a scan of the
actual card with the texture of the stock and details of the art.

This is a scan of the sketch which was used
for the planning of the cards we created for
the following year. The venue changed to the Dawn
plant in England, and there is a Bobby police officer
sharing a donut with the old man on the bench.
The couple has a new baby, and little brother
is running behing the sled. The Dawn logo
is in the sky, representing the sun.
We used messages on the inside
from many languages saying Season's Greetings,
and these cards were sent to four continents.

In 1995 we created art for the 75th anniversary
of Dawn Foods, showing the growth of the business
from over the years. This art is still hanging
in the headquarters, behind the receptionist's desk.

Here is a photo of the Dawn Foods receptionist holding
the framed art. Use your back button to return to this page.

This is a black and white version of the art above,
which we used to create custom thank you cards
that were used by sales force and managers
from all of the Dawn plants world wide.

Later, Dawn Foods bought the old "Jacobson's"
headquarters in Jackson Michigan.
Interestingly, Maggie's art of Jacobson's -
another Michigan centennial business - was already
hanging in this building.

The lobby of the new Dawn headquarter has a bench and lampposts
representing the original fanciful views from Maggie's art.
This was an example of reality following an artist's representation
of an old fashioned family scene.

The new Dawn logo now represents the sun, and is reflecting off of the lake
next to the new Dawn headquarters. Maggie hired a small plane and flew over
the headquarters to get the photos for this art that was adapted from all
of the previous works of art and shows the amazing growth of this family business.

Dawn is now one of (if not the) largest family owned business in the world.

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