Mind Maps by Albion Design

A visual way to do planning and outlining is to use MindMaps. We use iMindMap software that helps us to organize ideas in an organic form that is fun and easy to brainstorm. Here are some examples of our own project mind maps.

Albion Design

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This mind map helps us to decide which branches of our business are growing and which are in a dormant phase. If you click on the image above you can see a larger pdf view that can expand and contract. The actual mind map software will also allow links to web sites, files, and other mind maps.


acf bro

This mind map shows planning for a project that was started about 15 years ago, an index for online news sites. The scope of the work seemed too complex at that time and the site was left dormant. Due to the new interest in on-line news, we are starting to redevelop this site with a goal towards simplicity.

Washington Gardner Center for Arts & Technology

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There is a wonderful program in Pittsburgh, with a branch in Grand Rapids, that helps underprivileged students through involvement in arts & technology. I would love to see this program at Albion's favorite school that is closing. This project is on hold for the time being due to the bond issue and other considerations.



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