Adding color to your custom art

Over the years, Albion Design has created some very special cards for many organizations.
Many of these cards were printed in black and white, due to the high cost of creating art and four color printing.
With today's new techniques, these old fashioned drawings can be updated into beautiful
English Style watercolor, with outlines and color added.

Art speaks to something inside of us, beyond words and photos.
Custom corporate cardswill be a special project that will honor the earlier leaders, encourage those
who are currently involved, and educate those in the future.

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A.M. Todd

A.M. Todd black and white art that we created in 1987, with peppermint and spearmint
framing the art.

A.M. Todd

A.M. Todd winterized and colorized art from 2004 with holly and pine framing the art.

Dawn Food Anniversary Art

Dawn Food Products art for 75th anniversary.
Dawn Food color anniversary art

Colorized art for Dawn Food Anniversary
framed art for lobby.
Albion College Observatory
Albion College Observatory
black and white art
Albion College Observatory
Albion College Observatory
color art
Mackinac Bridge pen and ink
Mackinac Bridge -
one of the first Michigan Prints
Mackinac Bridge pen and ink
Mackinac Bridge - Color
now on Michigan Mugs, Michigan Totes,
Michigan cards and prints

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Art copyright Maggie LaNoue - all rights reserved

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