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by Michigan Artist
Maggie LaNoue
Maggie LaNoue


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1986 Birthday card for employees These cards were all hand signed by the CEO and expressed appreciation for employees on their birthday.


Felpausch 1986

Card with Greeting Felpausch

Birthday card for employees on corporate anniversary year

1998 - The tradition of birthday cards for employees was so well received that it continued over decades. These are just a few samples. Each year we chose different stores to represent on the cards.

The message shown is an example of a birthday message.


2002 Birthday cards for employees

This more recent example shows how we can create a new "look" with color ink, and borders to highlight historical sketches.


Felpausch blue ink card

Dawn Food Products

Anniversary card for corporation

2001 - This card was used by both executives and sales staff for quick notes such as thanks, followups, congratulations, or condolences.


Dawn Food Products

2006- The headquarters of Dawn Food Products was relocated after the purchase of the old Jacobson headquarters in Jackson. The card was redesigned using the corporate PMS colr in the logo and making the logo into a sun - to suggest a "dawn."

Dawn 2006

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