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Maggie Maggie LaNoue

Maggie has been a full time professional artist creating portraits of businesses and homes since 1980. Her work began with hand drawn pen and ink, oil paintings, and English watercolor.



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Your holiday cards tell a story.

We like to work for businesses that have been around for a while, for people who do their work because they love it. There is usually a story or two in there, some history, some family members who have some things to contribute. There are usually some special little things, things that might be represented by a photo, a story or a sketch.

It's fun is to discover what means the most to the people who own the business - why they are there. We like to craft a design - a web site, or some art, to bring out the beauty so the rest of the world can see it. We might add flourishes to our designs, a blue print, some leaves, a little dog, just something to let the eyes rest on.

What is the purpose of your communication? We might reflect on the reasons why your business wants a web site, is it to get sales? Or is it perhaps to honor the underlying mission of what you do? Is it to provide hospitality to those visiting your community? Is it to build and to carry on a family business - to honor those who are no longer there? Perhaps it is to provide the means for other businesses and entreprenuers to grow. From these things, sales do grow.

We start our work from the inside out, and we do fuss a little bit on the details. People tend to come back after they hear the thank you's and compliments on their cards or web designs. Your ideas start the ball rolling; you are really the creator of your cards, or your web site. You just give us enough to get going, and some feedback as we create. You'll see your vision take form, and we will be sure everything works well and prints well and that your schedule is met also. We care about little things that you might not even know about, like search engine optimization, backups, and that tiny image in the address bar of your browser, and smooth navigation for your site. This does take some time, but it is a labor of love.

As you click on the galleries in the sidebars, you will see a small sampling of the work that we have done since our early days of business. When we started our business full time, we worked with ink pens, oil paints and rubber cement. We were early adapters to the web, creating web sites in 1995. We are still learning too. It makes us feel really good when your business looks good on the web or in print. We look forward to hearing what it is that you would like to create.

New from Albion Design: See holiday cards of community renovations
and business growth - Revitalization Dreams.

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